We cover Ashburton

We collect, wash, fold (or iron) and deliver laundry from R629 per month in Ashburton

That's Unlimited Laundry cleans for a single monthly fixed fee, all this, in and around Ashburton.

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Signup now for a package that suits your needs. Our monthly packages ensure that you have unlimited access to our laundry cleaning facilities.
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Your first booking will come with a branded Folded bag which you will use for all future bookings with Folded.
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Each time you schedule a booking, we will pick it up, wash, fold (or iron) the laundry to your preferences - finally, deliver it to your door.

We service Ashburton.

We offer FREE pickup and delivery in Ashburton. Folded is a subscription-based laundry service which gives customers in Ashburton access to Unlimited Laundry cleans from R629 per month.

But what does Unlimited Laundry mean? It simply means you can bring as much laundry as you want! Yes, as a customer in Ashburton you can have all your laundry cleaned for a fixed monthly fee.

Now as a resident in Ashburton, how do you get started? Simply signup on the link above and in 3 minutes your subscription for Unlimited laundry cleans in Ashburton will be active.

So if you ever think of a laundry service in Ashburton, think Folded.

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No complex pricing, weighing or counting of laundry. A single monthly fee gets you through the month - clean!

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